Sunday, 8 December 2013

I've gone and done that thing where I disappear, like I do whenever I start anything. But no! I stamp my foot to that notion now... so I'm back. 

A lot of 'interesting' (if you're a gossipy 13 year old girl) things have happened in my life recently, but on a lighter side of my spectrum I've been doing creative things! 

Once more, apologies for the shitty Instagram photos. I never really think to pick up my DSLR, but I will be scanning them in later. Hopefully to sell some for prints.

As well as picking up paintbrush and paper, I've been prepping/shooting for a mock editorial for my chosen musician, Poly Styrene. Someone I find incredibly inspiring, even after her passing in 2011.

The whole feel and idea I was aiming towards was her eager rebelliousness, she was so light hearted but her lyrics screamed for serious attention. "Oh Bondage, Up Yours!'

Belle x

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