Thursday, 5 February 2015

This February I'm going to finally come to terms with the fact that I really love wearing oversized everything. Whether that be jumpers, shirts or plain tees - I just adore the comfortability of it all and the way it looks. It has multiple benefits, such as making your legs look super sleek and long, you are cozy and warm for the entire duration of wearing said oversized garment and damn, do you look stylish. 

It's a benefit that it's more or less trending right now too!

Pair it with my second favourite thing to wear, which consists of a super natural makeup look and a daring contrast -  deep crimson lips - and you're on the right track to feeling fly.

So this month I'll be sticking to this aesthetic and showcasing how I style and wear it - aside from Valentines Day, which will be a blogpost in itself for what I have planned... Exciting, no? 

Love, Belle x

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