Saturday, 9 November 2013

9 - 11 - 13
If you're anything like me, a student from a small town without a pot to piss in, you'll know how I felt when I trekked off to visit Issey Miyake's stand alone store in Conduit Street, London. Now, I don't mean this in an offensive way, quite the opposite, I was humming with excitement, if not a little nervous, to finally be able to see these intriguingly beautiful garments on display. Only it was a little daunting. A thousand different questions run through your brain when you stand outside a building as open and grand as Miyake's is. With only a small door with the tiniest invite written above the handle (push), these thoughts are 'do I look like I'm allowed to walk in?', 'do you JUST walk in?', 'will they all be staring at me?' and as soon as I did lift a pointy plastic shoe (Monki) to step inside, those thoughts vanished.
 Everyone was polite and in their own little world, quite frankly. I explained my situation as delicately as I possibly could to the nice man in the black turtleneck, that I'm a student in Uni who's interested in doing a brand watch on Miyake and would I be able to take a few snaps? No, of course not, but you can from the outside, was his thoughtful reply. I wasn't surprised. But I was allowed to touch and feel the crafty clothes, all displayed in straight lines, rowing around the layout. Colour coded greens, blues, purples and deep pinks.  The pleats are really as miraculous as I've researched, you can stretch them and once you let go, they form back into their original place. If anything, this visit made me want to through my entire student loan at the assistants and run away with a bag from Miyake (seen displayed in images 5-6)
I enjoyed the placement of the store, as it unsuspecting, yet spoke loudly standing on a corner, even next to scaffolding and roadworks either side of it I felt like I knew it was his store right away. The bold black 'ISSEY MIYAKE' was honest as it stood out against the open glass showcases. My only complaint is there didn't seem much of it, for a stand alone store. Due to the roadworks I couldn't gain access to the Please Pleats shop on Brooke Street, but I plan on doing so in the upcoming week. Although the Issey Miyake store stood next to brands like DIOR and DIESEL BLACK GOLD (a brand I hold dearly in my fashion promotion heart due it's influence on me), the road itself spoke more Miyake then anything. I think he chose his location well.
On my venture to visit the Japanese designer's wondrous creations, I stumbled upon Oxford Circus' Christmas displays, ready and waiting to be lit on the 12th. This is my favourite time in London, the point between Autumn and Winter, where Halloween has been kicked out into the cold to move aside for Santa and Winter wonderland. Christmas makes London seem smaller, perhaps because it brings everyone together. Maybe I'm just been daft and sentimental. 

No doubt.


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